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“Heroes of Olympus” Winter Formal

Isabelle Sloan and Alex Gamez sharing a moment during the dance!

Sultana High School watched as the “Heroes of Olympus” really got their groove on at the winter formal dance.

Winter Formal was put together beautifully. The decorations were well thought out and put together nicely. Color changing and flashing lights surrounded the multi-purpose room (mpr). Girls looked stunning in their makeup, and boys looked sharp in their suits. The students with their dates were looking adorable together. It was a wonderful evening on January 27, at Sultana High School (SHS). 

The music was loud, singing and dancing filled the room with excitement and energy, hyping the  students up. Many clubs such as Multicultural Student Union, and Geology Club, fundraised money with fun treats. The spread of clubs sold a variety of pizza, boba, and water for students to enjoy at the dance. 

Students were taking photos in the photo booth. Students with their significant other or their friends were making goofy faces and poses and they were also posing cutely. Students were also taking photos and videos at the dance to have something to remember the dance and to later look upon in the future. 

It was a nice night, seeing all the students dancing together, new friendships being made, students bonding and getting closer. It was great seeing SHS students create memories with each other and having a wonderful time at the winter formal.

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