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An Artificial Intellegence Takeover


In the last couple of years there was a boom in technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI)  has taken a big part of today’s world as major companies and websites have developed utilizing AI technology. Programs such as Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (ChatGPT). Mostly this interest has risen among students, the reasoning for students to use this technology. Troy Marsteller, a Sultana High School senior, stated,  “How easy it was to use to get assignments done for class” 

Nevertheless this new technology has gained rapid success among students and staff. Jacob Wake a teacher at Sultana High School who specializes in Information Technology  essentials and has knowledge of computer science stated. “I use AI to send emails or fix emails to make them sound better”. The usage of this technology at Sultana helps students and staff to get their task done faster and this advancement should not scare regular people that believe AI will take over their job, Mr.Wake stated the following “It would take years for AI to get that efficient to the point of taking people’s job but even then the AI would need a person to feed it information to keep running”. Thus meaning the idea of having AI in classrooms would be useful to many students and faculty alike, as this generation approaches a reality of having AI it is necessary for Sultana to keep up with other schools in the district such as Oak Hills High School. 

New advancements are made everyday in this new AI world that improves and changes every aspect of education. Students need to keep up with these new advancements, it is necessary for faculty and students to learn these new tools that will become beneficial for classrooms, although many people see AI as a way to fabricate essays and other types of homework, many big technological companies such as Google, they have developed softwares that detects AI in any document. Everyday engineers better the way AI can be used and someday it would be critical to understand how to work these new systems. 

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