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Sultana: Return of the Seagulls

Sultana: Return of the Seagulls

What are they? Who are they? Where did they come from?

Sultana High School (SHS) is now populated and swarmed by seagulls all over the campus. 

Seagulls flock the campus because students leave food and trash out over campus. This is feeding the seagulls causing them to come back and bring their seagull friends. Birds are feeders, and they take any kind of opportunity to get food as they can.

Eva Casillas, a senior at Sultana said, “I try to avoid where the birds are and walk to class faster because I’m scared of how many there are on our campus.”

SHS students have been trying to avoid the huge population of birds swarming students, however, there are so many students having a hard time. Students attempt to walk around the campus where the seagulls are not at but the birds are everywhere, it’s almost impossible to avoid them. There are students who walk faster paced and cover their heads scared the seagulls will poop or drop something on their head. 

Lauren Wiles, a senior at SHS said, “I don’t like the fact that seagulls are all over campus, it scares me and I’m scared one is going to poop on my head.”

To eliminate the population of seagulls flocking SHS, students can make sure not to leave food sitting outside, make sure their trash goes into the trash can, and pick up any food wrappers seen around campus. This will eventually make the seagulls leave due to not finding any food. Keep Sultana’s campus clean and the seagulls will slowly start to leave. 

Students will then be able to walk freely around campus and not deal with the seagulls and the side effects they leave. 

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