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There’s a new sheriff in town; Minga. Minga is an app that will allow Sultana High School students to perform various tasks such as connecting with their campus groups and allowing students to have their student ID digitally. In addition, Minga will be a new way to receive hall passes, allowing such passes to be traced.

“Minga will be monitored by all staff, but this quarter mostly by administration. “ According to Erika Gray, one of two Vice Principals at Sultana, “When we [Administration] fully roll-out Minga, that will replace our current pass system. Ideally, by the start of next school year, we will be using Minga to its full fidelity.” Minga will begin being rolled out in the fourth quarter which will start after the Spring Break in March. 

Minga has mixed opinions within the student body on its use and its future in Sultana. “I feel like it [Minga] would make things more convenient for everyone since everyone is always on their phones. “ said Hendry Juarez, a Sultana High School senior “If it were to affect me I think it would be in a positive way as I might forget my ID sometimes or make things quicker and faster when getting into events. “ 

Juarez also stated a possible concern about privacy, Minga could also bring many issues as we won’t exactly know how monitored we will be since it could be on our private devices. “.  Angel Rosas, a Sultana High School junior is skeptical about Minga, stating “Every single other feature is completely useless. The main, somewhat obvious point is to monitor students. Although I can not definitively say where the fine-line between security overreach and under security lies, this runs scarily close between the two.” Rosas claims that Minga’s other uses are redundant saying, “The other two features are completely overshadowed by the use of applications such as the Band app or Infinite Campus. I can’t tell if the hall pass tracking will have any benefit.” 

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