2020-2021 Staff

Elijah Perkins

Staff Writer

Elijah enjoys playing games and building stuff with his dad. Elijah got into journalism because he enjoys writing and wants to create interesting articles to read. When Elijah is not building or writing, he is playing with his...

Ashlee Santos

Staff Writer

Ashlee is a first-year journalism student who enjoys reading and writing.  Books and Netflix are a favorite pastime, and she can be seen with earbuds constantly in her ears as she is an avid music fan.

Sierra Garrett

Staff Writer

Sierra is an outgoing student and loves anything new. One of Sierra's hobbies is photography which she has been doing for two years. Sierra strives for creativity that goes into her photos. She also loves snowboarding and will...

Jacynda Klunk

Staff Writer

Jacynda has just recently become a Freshman at Sultana High School.  As part of the Journalism program, she hopes to portray positive information. Jacynda loves to play soccer and find the most exciting news to share.

Emily Croteau

Staff Writer

Emily has been a Taylor Swift fan (swiftie) for as long as she can remember; she is Taylor’s number one fan. Emily also loves school because she considers all of her teachers to be extremely sweet and loving. In her spare time,...

Ernesto Garcia

Staff Writer

Ernesto is 17 years old and mostly enjoys skating and playing basketball. His current goals are to pass every class with an A.

Makayla Reagan

Staff Writer

Makayla is a senior at Sultana high school.  When she is not doing school work, she is watching Tik Tok, Youtube, or Netflix.  Makayla enjoys watching Riverdale and Big Brother.

Makayla Meijer

Staff Writer

Makayla joined journalism because she loves writing and feels like people deserve to know the truth. She is a cheerleader here at Sultana and can’t wait to become friends with everyone. When not cheering or writing, she can...

Alyssa Arenas

Staff Writer

Alyssa is known for her many interests and passions, like writing stories, planning, and sewing.  Alyssa is very smart, especially in her school work, but does have a bit of trouble from time to time. She can be shy when asking...

Laritza Tello

Staff Writer

Laritza Tello is currently attending Sultana High School as a Senior. Laritza's favorite hobby is gardening and playing Call of Duty with her friends. Other than that, she likes to learn tik toks dances with her sister. Laritza...

Anthony Canfora

Staff Writer

Anthony wants to be a flight attendant when he grows up since he loves to travel.  You can always find him watching his favorite TV show, Grey’s Anatomy. Anthony joined journalism this year because he loves writing and want...

Nathan Bonello

Staff Writer

Nathan is full of creativity and passion within his own arts. He loves to write, paint, make music, and do photography. He is passionate and proud of his skill in the arts. He hopes one day he will use these skills to become a...

Susie Gastelum

Staff Writer

Susie enjoys reading poetry books and going to the beach. She also enjoys going hiking with her mom and doing her makeup. When she is not doing those things, she is listening to music.

David Franco II


David is a senior and the editor-in-chief of Sultana High School’s online publication Sultana Insider. He has been an editor and writer for the last four years. Since his freshman year, he has shown his dedication and leadership...