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An Update on the Library

An Update on the Library

One of Sultana High School’s most important resources is the Library. The librarian specialists: Mindy Oliver and Gail Rosenwirth, in the library have many sources to meet students necessities

The library experienced a change this year that forced teachers to teach classes in the library. This was an unexpected situation that heavily affected the librarians and world language teachers.

“As far as the beginning of the year when several classrooms were displaced, we had no problem helping them out, we all have to work together when these situations arise, ” said Mindy Oliver, Sultana’s librarian specialist

Students in a world language class during the time also felt affected by the adjustment. Some students enjoyed the change, while others did not.

Itzel Lopez, a senior at Sultana high school said, “Where I think I worked best would be in my normal classroom, Mrs. Phillips’ class itself is not like all the other classes on campus. The class is two separate rooms put into one. The big space was better for us as we were not limited to supplies and if we needed anything at any given time we could just get up and get it, in comparison to being in the library, we could not.” 

So keep an eye out Sultans the library will soon be having testing in March and April which can impact the library hours in the future.


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