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Memories and Meaning: Creative Ways to Repurpose your Prom Dress!

What do Sultana Students do with their dress after prom?

An unforgettable night under the lanterns, filled with music and moments…except the dust has settled.

Prom season has officially ended at Sultana High School. Many different prom dresses that range in different cuts, styles, colors and types that were featured by outstanding students. w

So now what? What to do with the dress after prom is over? 

Some students decided to save their dresses. Sealing them back into the dress packaging and hanging in their closet. Isabel Avalos, junior at SHS said, “I saved my prom dress, I wanted to be able to look at it later on in life and feel the rush of all the memories I created that night.” 

Students fell in love with their dresses and kept them for memories sake. Dress-wearers might want to try it on in the future, remembering how stunning they looked, reliving the night later in life, thd. SHS student, Jordan Mullinax said, “I love my dress, it’s so beautiful and well designed. It felt perfect on me. I want to remember this night forever.”

Maria Belen Perez, senior at SHS decided to make a change to her prom dress she wore her junior year. “I loved the dress so much I wanted to wear it in another way. You can’t wear a prom dress casually out so I changed it. I turned my old prom dress into a skirt. I thought the idea was so fun and creative. I am very happy with my choice of changing it up into something I can wear again and enjoy.” 

Sultana’s students found creative ways to keep, save and re-use their prom dresses for the future. Saving them for later in life, saving it for a loved one, and turning it into a new and fun project. Sultans on campus are beaming with ideas and creativity on what to do with their prom dresses. 

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