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Christmas Decor Controversy

A Christmas Decorating Controversy
Christmas Decor Controversy

Some people have the urge to bring out the Christmas lights and skip the spooky season. Might as well, since the holidays are around the corner.

Decorating early for Christmas makes some people happy, but some get upset about people skipping holidays. Psychologists say people who decorate earlier for Christmas are happier. 

True or not, it sure does bring joy to people when they see the Christmas spirit. 

“I love the idea because Christmas is the best holiday!” said Kelsey Fialho, a freshman at Sultana High School.

The Christmas spirit appears, it can be nostalgic for some people. It is the time of year they’ve been waiting for and want to enjoy the happy season. 

“Usually the week after Thanksgiving, I start decorating. I think it makes it more special when you have it up for a month instead of months leading up to December”, said Jennifer Hallett, a counselor at Sultana High School.  

Christmas is labeled as the most wonderful holiday, but many other holidays can also be just as wonderful if we did not skip over them. 

“People are just happier when they start decorating and see the Christmas spirit coming back,” Fialho said.

Recreating the joy that people would want to feel when they were a kid in the Christmas spirit. Now that they are more independent, decorating is a thing they can control and can bring more joy.

Planning over the months leading up to Christmas, could save some money for people. It may also allow people to know what exactly they want in their decorations.

As decorating brings joy to Christmas, maybe other holidays should not be skipped. Every holiday has a meaning to it and history to it. 

The topic of decorating early upsets people and people who do decorate early are unbothered. When should people decorate is a question to most people, it is up to the person and it is when the thought comes to mind. 


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