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Slay the Slang!

Slay the Day Away with Gen Z Slang!

Be for real, she really popped off with that one, kinda ate, not gonna lie–which means in my honest opinion she did quite well and I enjoyed it.

Words and phrases constantly pop up with new meanings and interpretations. This type of trendy vocabulary will ebb and flow as time progresses, while some get used so frequently the phrases and words become added to everyday vernacular and rarely, the dictionary. 

These words and phrases can sometimes interrupt the communication between generations. Generation Z (Gen-Z) is comprised of all babies born from 1997 to 2012, having been raised with an internet connection and computers that never required floppy disks–it is not strange for new words to come about. For the bulk of the students at Sultana, new slang is common and used often; they deftly adapt to each new trend. Generation X and millennials comprise a majority of the teachers on campus, and their use of slang vary from the average student. 

Sultana High School (SHS) teachers certainly see their share of slang terminology. Senior English teacher, Wanda Lambdin said, “Some of the slang terms now–I don’t even know what they mean.” She explained there is a heavy use in the classroom, “Kids write like they’re texting, so I get words and I’m like yeah–no, we’re not texting, you need to be typing the whole word out, I even get abbreviations [and] that type of thing”.

Slang terms are a fun way to express thoughts humorously. Instead of exclaiming “Good job!”, you might opt for “They ate ” or “That was mad fire”, (also spelled “fya” for emphasis). New words and interpretations allow SHS students a break from academic writing and a chance to explain things on a general level.

“Slang is cool ‘cause like big words are for writing and I’m not trying to yap,” said Julian Chavez, an SHS junior. (Yap or yapping means to talk excessively about nothing).

One interesting note is in 2023, there has been an increase in feminine-related words. Post-release of the Barbie film, slang trends shifted and common language included such phrases as: girl boss: a woman of accomplishment, girl dinner: an atypical meal consisting of snacks, girl math: the justification of indulgent spending by focusing on the discounts, and women in STEM: any use of critical thinking skills.

This increase of seeming empowerment is exciting because it distinguishes women from the girl’s girl. (Any female who seeks to promote the well-being of other females.) Valedictorian candidate and Sultana senior, Gwyn Boatwright said, “It makes you feel included in the community of women.”

Overall, slang is a harmless way to spice up any conversation. Whether one is an experienced user or just confused by the gibberish, Sultana’s population has all levels of Gen-Z slang!

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