Anti-Valentines Day

Anti-Valentines Day

Makani Robertson, Executive Editor

Valentine’s day, a time filled with love and romance… except if you’re single.  This day is split up into two categories, Valentine’s day is like no other holiday.  There are the people who celebrate it and the ones who do not, although these groups could change each year. 


Most people only celebrate valentine’s day when they have someone to celebrate it with.  If there is no one to celebrate it with, it is often upsetting and depressing for single people, or for those who have a significant other who is not present or does not put in the effort.  Many people claim that they hate Valentine’s day, until they have someone to enjoy it with.  Micaela Gallegos, a  sophomore at Sultana High School says, “I don’t care too much for valentines day but if I do have a valentine then I appreciate them like there’s no tomorrow.”


Even though a lot of people view Valentine’s Day as a time solely for celebrating with a significant other, it can be celebrated with anyone.  Although it is commonly the holiday of romantic love, it could also be celebrated in the name of platonic love, familial love, or self love.  Gallegos states, “It’s a day to celebrate love and happiness or friendship.”  They go on to say, “I feel like that shouldn’t be taken away just because some people don’t have a valentine.” 


 A lot of fathers give their daughters valentines day gifts, or do something special for or with them.  Friends might also celebrate with each other, getting each other gifts or going on a friend date.  No matter if anyone asks you or you ask them, there is always the option of having a Valentine’s day of self love.  You could take yourself on a date, have a self care day, get yourself flowers and chocolates, or anything else your heart desires. “Make yourself your own valentine and practice loving yourself”, says Gallegos.


There are a lot of theories about how Valentine’s day originated, though no one knows 100%. One theory is that it was originally a Christian feast day honoring a martyr named Valentine.  A similar theory is that it originated from when the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia.  It is most popularly known as the holiday based on Saint Valentine, and people have turned it into the day that people give their loved ones chocolate, stuffed animals, and flowers.  


No matter what, people will continue to celebrate Valentine’s day with whomever they choose.  Even though that love should be shown everyday, every week, every month, and every year,  it is a good excuse for those who do not normally do anything for or with their loved ones.