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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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Wrapped Christmas presents

If you are struggling to figure out what gifts to give to a sister, friends, girlfriend, mom, or any girl in your life, here are some ideas. If you want to figure out what to get them, you have to know them and what they enjoy. 

Some great gifts are perfume or lotion. Bath and Body Works is a recommended place to get all kinds of perfume and lotion products. They are selling lotions for $15.95 and perfumes for $16.95. Every girl loves to have things that smell good  but make sure you know her preference.

Another good option is slippers. A popular brand is Uggs the price ranges from $100 to $180, but Target and Walmart have a variety of inexpensive options too for about $20. Slippers can never go wrong but especially in the winter.

Maybe the woman in your life loves jewelry, try to get them a jewelry making kit or a necklace. For example, something with their birthstone on it or a symbol that really means something to them.

If she likes dogs or cats, get them a blanket or mug with an animal on it. If your loved one has a pet, you can get them something for their pet. Example: a bed, lease, name tag, or toys.

If the girl in your life likes to do their makeup or skincare. Maybe think about giving them skincare/makeup products. A recommended brand is byoma, drunk elephant, or glow recipe for skin care. Good makeup brands are elf, Mayebelline, Glossier, or NYX.

You can also get her a hobby related gift. Maybe she does photography or painting and considers getting her art supplies or accessories for her camera. Accessories for her camera can be a case, memory card, or a different lens. Some things for art supplies could be new markers, pencils, a new drawing pad, etc….

For book lovers, maybe get her some books that she has been wanting or book accessories. That consists of maybe a bookmark, book light, some tabs, a bookshelf if they don’t have one, or a shirt that says something from their favorite book.

Try to make a gift basket and fill it with their favorite items like gift cards, blankets, candles, socks, or anything else that they may like.You can also try to make a movie night basket and watch your favorite movies.


Gifts for your brother, friends, boyfriend, dad, or any guy in your life here are some ideas for you. You can never go wrong with getting them their favorite candy, drink, or make them their favorite food.  Maybe they are into sports, get them some sports gear or a new ball like a basketball, soccer ball, football, or baseball. You could also get them a jersey of their favorite player. 

Technology is another great option, maybe get them a new phone case or airpods case. If they are also into video games maybe consider getting them a new game or a new controller. Maybe your little brother or younger family member likes legos or buildings. Get them a lego set.

You can never go wrong with some clothing. You can get them plain t-shirts and pants if you don’t know their style. Also, make sure that you have their size and have what they like in mind. You can also never go wrong with a new pair of shoes, just know their size and style.

If anyone is into skateboarding you can try getting them a new board or wheels. Maybe your brother is into cars, try to get them a remote control car.

You need help getting gifts?, maybe try some of these ideas for your family or anyone important in your life. 


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