Tips for Destressing Amidst the Apocalypse


David Franco II

Everyone knows that given the current circumstances everything has been a little tense; we get it and since there’s a pandemic afoot it’s reasonable that the world is a little on edge. Some of the best ways to destress are obvious, but we often need reminders in times like these.

If life feels a little out of your control and you can feel the existential void creeping in inch by inch every second you close your eyes, BAKING IS FUN! If the satisfaction of making a dozen cookies doesn’t check off your desire to create at least there is the instant gratification of warm cookies!

When feeling a little down, it’s always a little nice to get out. Going outside is always a great cure for the blues! According to getting in a few minutes of sunlight from day to day has been proven to increase the levels of serotonin your body produces making you happier. If you spend your days inside, since there isn’t much to do outside, taking your dog to play some fetch at the park or even in your yard can reset your brain. Sunny fun for you and your fluffy friend(s) will never fail to cure those midweek blues!

Loneliness is something that everyone has grappled with at least once during quarantine. Calling and checking up on your friends is always a healthy and safe way to keep in touch. A cup of coffee six feet from your masked amigo is a safe alternative to another facetime with your best friend; however, safety is paramount and to not hug or take selfies takes lots of self restraint so if that is out of your power please stick to phone calls. 

The most dreaded choice by all those who are unaccustomed is the good old fashioned workout. Nobody gets too excited when they hear pushups, sit-ups, and track laps, but sources like have proven the antidepressant properties of regular aerobic exercise through clinical studies, so when everything feels a little overwhelming go for a walk, a jog, or anything in your power to get the blood pumping and smiles going!

There is not much we can do to keep life moving forward in these times, but taking care of your mental health is incredibly important and staying focused on being happy above all else is the key to making it through this bump in our collective road. We strongly recommend that you continue social distancing and taking care of yourself. Do not let anything lead you to believe your mental health is not the most important thing right now.  If you or someone you know are in need of more than a walk or jog, please seek professional help. You can call a friend or a school counselor.  Your life matters and so does your happiness; so take a moment to destress.