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How to Study a Criminal


One of Sultana’s newest classes, criminal justice, was introduced this year.  The focus of the class is introducing possible careers in law enforcement and an introduction to the criminal justice system.  The criminal justice class might be interesting to students who wish to dig into its subtopics. Jonathan Funk, A Sultana High School senior, says “I think the idea of it is good overall because it teaches the students the law.” David Saludes, a new teacher to Sultana, teaches the criminal justice class. It is able to be taken during periods fifth and sixth period.  

Criminal Justice consists of a breakdown of careers in the system, the laws that are enforced, the manner in which those laws are enforced, and other topics such as forensics being taught. Mason Ghan, a senior at Sultana High School, who is currently taking the class said  “It’s nice and laid back,” and that “If the class was given a chance, I think more people would enroll.”

Saludes himself has a colorful background. After high school, he became an EMT before starting a career in criminal justice.  He was a deputy for the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, being in different divisions such as the gang’s division, and robbery just to name a few. Saludes has a bachelor’s degree in business leadership and a master’s in social justice and human rights. Saludes has taught for six years and “…enjoys working with high school students.” Saludes states that his goal is to “…pass down the knowledge to the next generation so that they may make more informed decisions about a career in law enforcement.” 

Talk with your Sultana counselor about adding criminal justice into your schedule, or for further information if you are interested. 


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