Dreaming Theaters That Elate My Heart


Noah Loveridge

At dawn rehearse scripts.

Lied on back.

Theater black.

Commence the curtain lifts.


Gritted teeth drift asleep.

Knock, clank, thump.

Tense-er and tense-er silence creeps.

Hush and shush,

They’ll hear us.


They stance, they prance, break into dance,

the audience is watching

One sings like a bell swings.

One dances a meter in advance.


Scoop lights scream, light streams, light gleams,

On these terrible theatrics.

Another lost his lines,

to the girl he pines.

Now, a violent dire cry,

of a violinist wire.


Duo of a lovers quarrels.

Vows spoken like eulogies pained cries.

Like her deceased laurels.

Like his vows rotten lies.


Scoop lights dream over,

these enamored theatrics.

Then I wake to scream.