Color Coating Controversy


Jailyn Deering, Assistant Editor

A new bathroom pass system was initiated on Sultana High School’s(SHS) campus as of February 8, 2023. Bathrooms on the SHS campus are now color-coded and different classes are assigned different colored passes that are associated with the bathroom they are required to use. These pass colors include green, pink, and yellow. 


Lyzette Vargas, a Junior at Sultana High School says “I feel that it honestly isn’t that important and we shouldn’t have to force a rule if people are caught doing something they’re not supposed to that is on them. Some people are just going to the office or health tech and have to be interrogated because they do not have a certain pass.” 


Frank Gutierrez, SHS’s Vice Principal of Student Support explains. This will help decrease students taking an unnecessary amount of time using a bathroom on the other side of campus. Obviously, if a bathroom is closed due to maintenance or other issues, a student will be allowed to use the next closest restroom. For students visiting all other areas around campus (Health Office, Attendance, etc.) they will need a yellow hall pass” 


The new pass system on the Sultana campus has stirred up a lot of conversation in Sultana High School. Many students relate to Lyzette in a way that they do not agree with the new rule. It seems today, change can be controversial.