Lounging in the Library: A Dream

Breana Rincon

A huge reason why people enjoy reading so much is because it makes them relaxed, but sometimes libraries can interfere with that. A common issue with libraries is that they do not have many comfy chairs or lounges to sit in, but maybe that could be fixed. 

School libraries normally have regular uncomfy chairs and tables that are meant to be worked on, which is okay, but sometimes sitting on the floor would be even better than sitting in the basic chairs.

 Imagine sitting on a nice comfy chair while reading Twilight and drinking the hot chocolate that you brought before going to school. Lounges wouldn’t be so bad right?

 As most of you would know, the lounge in the counseling office was just set up this year. It’s become a favorable place, so setting one up in the library would be a great idea.

Lounges would also make more and more people feel welcomed. Having some fancy, comfy chairs would make the library more appealing.

 When students come into the library ready to read, most of the time they take their books outside or somewhere else to read because of the  uncomfortable furniture. Having a lounge in the school library is an amazing  idea. It would be great for our school and would improve so much of students’ reading and socializing activity.