Addams Family Reviewed

Tiffany Farias

Sultana Highschool’s drama club held a fantastic musical last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

The musical was about Wednesday, daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, falling in love with a boy by the name of Lucas.

This boy and his family are seemingly the polar opposites of the Addams family, which stirs up some trouble when he proposes. 

The main role of Gomez Addams was played by 11th grader Aiden Allen. Gomez opened for the musical and was present on stage for the majority of the show. His rendition of Gomez was flawless and carried the show with his charisma. 

Uncle Fester was another enjoyable character.  Jamari Holloway, a junior Sultana student, made this character come to life. The distinct voice he used for Fester was endearing and he was able to maintain the voice even while singing, which was impressive.  His exit via rocket to the moon made the finale special.  

Wednesday was played by senior Elizabeth De La Huerta.  Elizabeth is amazingly talented when it comes to both singing and acting. Her voice gave the audience chills and her energy on stage was captivating.

Senior Sydney Scherf, who plays Alice Beineke (Lucas’s mother), also had amazing vocals and energy on stage. While she was standing and crawling across a table, her vocals were as stable as ever.

Danny Reynaldl, a student here at Sultana, said during the play’s intermission, “I’m really liking the play so far but it’s a shame that they have to wear masks since it’s messing up the audio.”

The mic malfunction was an unfortunate side effect of our old sound system, but it did little to dampen the overall effect of the performance.  

It was apparent that the cast put an extreme amount of effort and hard work into this musical and it turned out great. They participated in the making of props/background and, according to Mrs. Kirk, had spent hours learning choreography and memorizing lines.

All the hard work paid off. The crowd was left with smiles on their faces and there was a sea of applause as the cast took their bows.    

So if you did not attend, you missed out on a great show. But don’t worry, the drama club will be hosting more shows in the future and after the Addam’s Family we can’t wait to see what’s next.