Dress Code Chaos


Tiffany Farias

Sultana high school has updated their dress code and students cannot contain their frustration. Students from all grades are planning and participating in protests around campus.

So far, two protests have taken place here at Sultana. The first was a decently sized group of people carrying signs proudly above their heads at lunch with people joining in. But today’s lunch was a different story.

Today’s protest was larger than the first. There was a huge group that started by the A building/library and made its way towards the cafeteria. People sitting around the trees between the C and G buildings were running to join in on the protest. 

These peaceful protesters were fine until they made it past the student store. At that time, people started running around the perimeter of the group along with throwing their possessions. Water bottles and even food items were being hurled into the giant crowd making a dangerous environment for everyone.

An anonymous 10th grade student says “I was in the group for a peaceful protest but when things started getting chaotic I left. I think that was a little too far and they took advantage of the protest.” Students that were a part of the group felt endangered as a fight broke out.

Proctors that were watching from the shade were rushing into the scene to stop kids from throwing items into the crowd. One, was hit in the head with a water bottle.  Eventually, the group spaced apart because the bells rang earlier than usual to get kids to class and out of the riot that was once a peaceful campaign.

During the first couple of minutes of 5th period, there was an announcement about the safety of our students here at Sultana. Our principle, Mr.Bird, stated in the announcement “the first amendment is to be able to express yourself freely but that does not include making an unsafe environment for everyone around you.” 

Mr. Bird also stated “if you have any concerns you can come to me, email me, or any other staff member on campus.”  This suggests that the dress code can be changed through other means of communication. 

As you can see, not everyone thinks today’s protest was safe or calm and collected. It was very different from the first peaceful protest on Thursday, September 2nd. If the violence on campus continues to get out of hand, there might be some major changes to our school.