Back to School Bliss

Lily Rodriguez

Students usually dread back to school time. Now, considering our past situation with online school, most students are excited to go back to school. Seeing friends, being on campus, no more online schooling all make the beginning of the school year very thrilling.

Despite the overwhelming excitement students feel, there are drawbacks.  Sophia Perez, a freshman here at Sultana stated that, “it is harder and more nerve racking to come back after being online so long and not having to worry about what outfit I’m going to wear or if my hair is done. Besides that, I’m still so glad to be back.” Outfit choice is a very big deal after all.

While talking about outfits, what about back to school shopping? Getting your backpack, school clothes, and school supplies can amp up the anticipation of going back to school. Sofia’s favorite part is “the outfit shopping and organizing all the supplies I get.” Fun school supplies are a must; colorful notebooks, fun pencils, and cool clothes can start the year out strong. 

After spending all your time in sweats and a T-shirt over distance learning, buying new clothes is definitely a necessity. Maybe you even need to find your style again after only wearing comfy clothes for such a long time. 

Distance learning was hard to communicate and learn especially since it was over a screen. Now, it’s easier to understand and learn the concept that is being taught within the class environment. Anahi Villalzazo stated, “distance learning was so hard to get all the information that now I understand concepts way better than before. Distance learning was hard. I’d much rather be In person.”As it is a more focused and not a distracting environment to finish work, in person instruction is preferable as compared to someone’s home. Although, being back in the classroom comes the occasional talking too much in class. 

There are so many great things about being back to school, seeing friends, getting outside your house, and learning in person. Though with our full return, comes some uneasiness. Sophia listed her fears: “the thoughts of getting covid, so many people on campus, and the new school hours.” Being back definitely includes risks, but most will agree it is worth it.  

Due to COVID, there have been many changes at school to help prevent the spread. There are masks for one and hand sanitizer in every class. The inclusion of these makes school feel not at all the same as how it used to be. 

Viviana Planco, a freshman here at Sultana, stated that “When I think of school now it’s way different than I used to think of school two years ago.” It is crazy how much has changed!

Although there is still the looming fear of going back to online school, most people want to be here.  Sofia states, “going back to distance learning would be absolutely the worst.”  

On the flip side, Kayley Varrita, a sophomore, said that “I like online better than school actually because you get to sleep in a way later.”

 Lots of things have been changing, and adapting to new school rules has brought added challenges for the new school year. For students at Sultana, it is common to be excited but also nervous to be back. After being on distance for such a long time it is going to take some time to get back in the groove of it. Regardless of the challenges, it is nice to be back.  

Photo by Emma Greggs