Host a Movie Night at AMC


Spending time with friends and family can be really exciting especially if they are people who you love to spend time with. 

AMC is offering a private theatre rental starting at $99.00. It is a great way to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions with friends and family at a theatre. 

Up to 20 people in total can be gathered in the auditorium in order to have a safe and fun personal screening for a private party; it leaves the auditorium at a 40% capacity. A nearby AMC is located in Apple Valley. 

Ms. Ardito, a teacher at Sultana, shares, ¨I think it’s a great idea to offer rental of the AMC theater.  I personally wouldn’t do it, but I would attend one! It would be cool to see older movies that aren’t in theaters or we don’t have access to on Netflix etc.¨

Renting a private theatre costs may vary depending on the theatre and the movie that is chosen. Movies from the theatre´s fan faves are $99.00 + tax, or new releases for $149.00 +tax. 

Ramces Duarte, a junior at Sultana High adds on by stating: ¨It’s pretty cool how they’re doing the screenings to keep it more safe and economically friendly.¨

All guests (1-20) are required to be present before the group´s ticket is scanned. Once everyone is in attendance, the group may enter the auditorium 15 minutes before the showtime. The more people attend, the better. Costs will be more affordable for an individual to pay. 

Due to COVID-19, AMC is required to follow safety guidelines; therefore, guests are required to wear masks. That is unless one is enjoying their food and drinks actively. 

During this time, AMC is not offering same-day private theatre rentals. Buy your tickets in advance and enjoy a congenial time with friends and family.  

For more information visit or call (760) 240-9667.