M3gan Movie Review

Hannah Perez, Staff Writer

When going to watch a horror movie about a murderous, life-size doll, one expects to get scared, not laugh. Universal Pictures released the new PG-13 science fiction horror movie about life-like technology developing a consciousness of its own and posing a threat to humanity on Friday, January 6, 2023. 

In the movie, a roboticist working for Funki toy company, Gemma, works to develop her new, unofficial project, Model 3 Generative Android (M3GAN). Gemma unexpectedly becomes her niece, Cady’s, guardian after her parents are killed in an automobile accident. In the midst of their continued struggle to adapt, Gemma takes Cady to work and introduces her to M3GAN while pitching the new product to her boss. M3GAN is not just the only toy a kid will need, but a companion to the child, aid to parents, and a genuine part of the family. She observes others, constantly learning about the world and topics specific to the family. 

As M3GAN spends more time with Cady in preparation for the toy launching, she develops a near consciousness of her own as she begins acting out of her volition and disregards commands. Upon realizing what M3GAN has been doing, Gemma tries to stop the product launch and fix the anomalies in M3GAN which turns the two against each other while Cady struggles with being separated from M3GAN. 

Overall, the movie was ironically funny, but failed to deliver on the horror. While there was some suspense throughout the movie, the fear was dampened by the inclusion of pop culture references and humor. This movie would be great for someone looking for something entertaining to watch without it being serious, but I would not recommend this to someone who wants to see a quality film or something that is true to the advertised genres.