Andrew Tate and Everything That Has Happened


Oscar Ramirez Calderon, Stafff Writer

Andrew Tate, a millionaire and a controversial influencer was recently arrested on December 29th along with his brother Tristain Tate. They were initially detained for 24 hours. 

Andrew bid to be released but was denied by the judge, due to the fact that he has enough money to flee the country if he is released. Decided on December 30th that Tate brothers were kept in custody for 30 days. They were charged with organized crimes, human trafficking, and rape. 

In a press statement by CNN, the country’s Asset Recovery and Management Agency stated that as an authority looked in his place, the Romanian authorities seized over $4 millions dollars worth of his assets, 29 seized assets are motor vehicles, luxury watches and sums of money in several different currencies.

Although there are many people who think he is an awful person, and others take inspiration from him, there are multiple men who have stated their lives have improved because of him.

A lot of people who dislike him, have mostly only seen clips of him online such as TikTok, where Andrew Tate claims the clips of Andrew Tate being misogynistic, antifeminist, and such are taken out of context. 

He claims that the media represents women-haters or misogynists and an anti-feminist. Although he claims that he is always the one that is ‘fighting’ for women’s rights and has even donated thousands of dollars to charities for women who are going through domestic abuse. 

Although many articles said he did donate, there is no way to know if he actually donated his money, since this was back in August where he made a post back when he had an Instagram

account for every like his post received, he would donate a dollar to charity. There is no way to confirm if he gave out his money to charity.

Andrew Tate also runs a program called Hustler’s University, where he encourages people who want to become rich and successful to attend. The program is not very legit but it is not considered a scam. According to websites Charles Floate and Dreamgrow who reviewed the program say it is not good at teaching people how to make money because all the business models take way too long to set up and the information being taught is wrong or out of date. 

Since all the successful people who attended Hustler’s University are only rich because they promoted the program and not using their “skills” to make money. So basically it is a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is a scam where someone says they could earn money easily, but only the people at top of the pyramid actually gain wealth.

Sayie Ornelas, a junior at Sultana High School, believes that Andrew Tate “sucks and he is very misogynist and sexist. He also has a few interesting allegations.” The allegations she referred to was the human trafficking and rape. “When I first saw him, it was a very interesting clip of him and I already didn’t like him.” Most of the time people see clips of him on TikTok or Instagram, and that is where most have first seen or heard about him. 

When asked if Ornelas believed the allegations against Andrew and his brother were true, she agreed. Even though there is no evidence for the crimes Andrew has committed, at least according to his lawyer, which was talked about in an article by Independent on January 9th. It is still suspicious that he would be arrested. 

Two other juniors who also attend Sultana had a much different view on Andrew Tate than Ornelas. They both like him and think he is funny. They have seen him on TikTok, but they do not think he is a bad influence on society. 

“I don’t think [Andrew Tate] did [commit human trafficking. People start rumors, especially celebrities and the government, and since he is exposing the government.” The students believed that the government would arrest him for no reason and make up an allegation because he is exposing them. “I think [Andrew Tate] is inspirational.” They were inspired by what he says and what he does, they think he is a “bad ass” according to them. They aspire to be like him, as in being wealthy.

Lastly, they believe that people dislike him so much because “he is anti-feminist since he talks about it a lot and doesn’t hate women.” 

Whether you hate or love Andrew Tate, he is definitely an interesting character. Hopefully he gets what he deserves whenever that is being set free or serving his sentence.