Sultana Baseball Team


Heidi Banuelos, Staff Writer

The baseball team at Sultana High School is rocking it like never before. Scoring 3 runs in their most recent game against Oak Hills High School, the Varsity team holds their head up with pride. The baseball head coach, David Booth Jr has been at Sultana for 10 years. He shares his joy about coaching this specific team, “My favorite thing is having that family and brotherhood. With families there is that tightness to where you would do anything for each other and that’s what I love. The family isn’t always perfect, there are times when we argue and don’t get along, but we always have each other’s backs.” No matter how bumpy their road gets, this team holds on tight to each other and walks down the same path. Overcoming hardships together can be the key to such a team. 

Having great skills doesn’t always take away the nerves when it comes to starting a game. Being doubtful also comes along with the game of baseball. However, there are certainly ways to ease these feelings. Coach Booth comments that, “I tell the guys every game that it is good to be a little nervous, because it means that you care. I then tell them that they have been playing this game since they were in T-ball, so just go out there and have fun. They have worked hard, so they need to believe in their talents and each other.” A player has to feel what they want to feel, they’re human after all. Sometimes, all it takes is to have faith in oneself and their teammates to ease those negative feelings.

After learning about Coach Booth’s view, there should also be an inside to a players mind. Varsity player Brooty Sapp shares that, “I think about how lucky I am to be able to play this amazing game. I thank God before every game to be able to play.” With God’s help, Brooty is able to charge ahead against his opponents. A baseball game is not just a baseball game, it’s  an opportunity to show the crowd what oneself is capable of. The fact of being able to be on the field, ready to hit a home run, can bring anyone such joy.

There are factors in order for there to be a good outcome. What could those factors be? Sapp says that, “Talking to teammates can make everything better. Whether it’s about a certain play or something completely unrelated to baseball, talking to teammates is crucial. Team chemistry is needed for a successful ball club.” Communication comes in handy when it comes to a game or practice. Thanks to good team communication, things such as a game can look much better.