Sultana Softball


Heidi Banuelos, Staff Writer

Sultana High School’s softball team is heading to CIF’s against Ramona High School. Softball coach, Obed Galindo has been a coach for over 30 years. He is going for his 11 th year here at Sultana. Coach Obed shares his goal, “Hopefully get deep into the playoffs. You know? Make another run at the playoffs and see how we do.” As the season comes to a close, and after all the success that this team has had, there is no need to worry for a goal like that. 

It is more than clear that the lady Sultans have a strong team that they can turn to when they need help. The key to this could be more simple than what people thought it would be. Coach Obed comments that, “Trust with the players, trust in themselves, trust in their teammates and trust in their coaches.” Even though it sounds easy to have trust in each other, many people might find this difficult. 

Maria Perez is in Varsity softball. She has been playing since she was 4 years old. That would make a total of 13 years.After some time of thinking, Perez shares that, “My goal with being on Varsity Sultana Softball is to become a better player and stay on track with my habits for when I return back to my travel ball team in the Summer/Fall.” No matter your position in a team, there can always be room for improvement. 

Being in a sport’s team is all about falling and getting back up again. Perez notes that, “My biggest accomplishment in this sport is to continually progress in this sport even through having to take care of a past injury from my freshman year.” It would be a lie if you were told that there are no challenges along the journey of a sport. However, those challenges are the ones that help you get your skills because you will fall and pick yourself up over and over again.