Art History


Gurpreet Kaur, Staff Writer

Art history is a class taught by Sawyer Daniel, a teacher at Sultana High School. This class started in 2019 at SHS. Sawyer said, ‘’ I felt like the kid’s knowledge of arts and culture was lacking and it is essential to teach them.  In this class, students will learn about things all around the world from cavemen to presidents. ‘’

Art and art history are both similar but art history is mainly about culture and religion from the past.  There are several students at SHS who have not even heard about art history. It is an informative class for those who don’t know about it. 

 It took work to make this class get passed by the district. Sawyer states,’’ I had to get this class cleared by the district. I also went to college to get extra art classes to teach it. It was the whole entire process of just making it pass. ‘’

Sawyer worked really hard for this class and he finally made it pass in 2019.  Learning about culture and religion in the form of art is fascinating.  

In art history, students will also learn about the history and development of painting, sculpture, and other visual arts. 

 Art from history is the study across the world and from the ancient to the present day.

 Students should sign up for classes to learn about things they had never learned or even heard of.