Tragedy In Astroworld


Lily Rodriguez

A fun night at a concert turns into a chaotic tragedy. This exact event happened on November 5th in Houston Texas when Travis Scott, a well known rapper performed in the newest Astroworld concert. 

50,000 tickets were sold that night of the concert, overcrowding the stadium. This overcrowding caused people to be smashed up against each other. Pressing against the plastic barriers that protected the stage, people were almost on top of each other. 

As the show went on and the crowd got rowdier, many people were pushed to the floor. Piles of people formed on the ground and were crushed.  

Due to this overcrowding, hundreds of people were injured and ten people were confirmed dead.

A nine year old boy, Ezra Blount, had been severely injured and put in a medically induced coma after being trampled at the concert. Sadly, he passed away on November 7th. 

He was not one of the only ones who lost their life at the concert that night. Bharti Shahani, a twenty-two year old was trampled to death while she was with her cousin and little sister. 

Though the security was aware of the situation and many were calling 911 to get help. Travis Scott rallied the crowd even more not being aware of the situation. This also added to the amount of injuries and deaths that occurred.  

Once the show finally calmed down and was stopped, a half hour before it was scheduled to end, the aftermath was a mess.  Trash and items lay on the ground as police helped the injured. 

Despite some being mad that Travis Scott did not do something sooner, he came out with an announcement regarding the incident. He stated he would cover the cost of funeral expenses for those who died at the concert. 

Maria Perez, a Sophomore here at Sultana stated that “Travis wont seem to own up to it and paying for the funeral won’t change the fact that his lack of security and awareness caused deaths.”

I hope that following this impetuous tragedy, we can all agree to pray for the healing of the families involved in this mess.