Keep on Running!

Annabelle Lyon

The Cross Country team has always been a hard working team here at Sultana. Runners go through a lot of mental and physical battles and our team endures many struggles during both practices and races throughout the season.  Yet, they continue to push through.

Practices consist of long runs, hill repeats, and speed work. They do these particular workouts to strengthen their body and even their mentality. When it comes down to race day, their minds and bodies are prepared for the difficulties ahead.

The teams most recent race was the Mojave League Finals which was held at Victor Valley College. Every runner has an individual experience at each race that helps motivate them forward. Freshman Eddie Casilla says “ I set a personal record at the VVC race. My time was 22:10 and I am ready to improve next year too.” 

What most people don’t realize is that running is actually around 90% mental. Pushing through the constant thoughts that tell you to give up can actually be the hardest part. “Your legs are too tired” or “ Man it’s hard to breathe” are some thoughts your brain results to on a run, when in reality, the most tired part of your body is the brain itself.

Sophomore Aubrey Weiford says, “To get through hard times during a run I tell myself to keep pushing no matter how much it hurts and that I’m gonna be proud of myself once I cross the finish line.” 

The difficulty of running a three mile race is harder than most people think. You need to be able to pace yourself the right way so that you don’t end up getting hurt. There are a lot of other factors as well like how hot it is, how windy it is, how much water you drank in the previous days, etc.

Although it can come with big struggles, it also brings inner peace. Eddie says, 

“I honestly joined cross country to stay in shape and also to help me personally mentally because running is very therapeutic to me.” Aubrey says, “ Running has always been a way to clear my mind.”  

Even if Cross Country can be very exhausting, it brings joy to athletes. Aubrey says, “ My favorite part of cross country is probably just being a part of a team.”  It creates a family- like atmosphere in which the athletes find great support. 

Having a support system in anything in life is very important. People who push you and believe in you even when you don’t even believe in yourself. Eddie says, “The coaches help me by pushing me and showing me they know I have really good potential.” 

It takes a lot of strength and determination to be a cross country runner. The Sultana runners prove themselves to be individuals of positive mindsets and great resilience. Keep it up Sultans!