The Lost Key


Amerie Fortune

The key game is one of the most important games in the football season for Sultans.  The key game is when Sultana faces off against Hesperia High School, the Scorpions, for the key to the city. 

For the last two years, Hesperia has had the key. This year, from the way our team had been playing, many assumed we would be taking the key from the scorpions.

Pressure comes when playing any game, but for the key game, the pressure is turned up.  The weight of the game and intensity add up quickly. 

For some people, it just feels like another game. Junior Corey Cabriales says, “I didn’t feel any pressure at all.” But for many player, the pep rally, large crowds, and the key increased the pressure.  La Mason Waller stated, “There was pressure.  We wanted the key back.”

Before the game, Hesperia had a 0-5 losing streak, while we had a 3-2 game streak. The odds were in our favor.  Senior Destiny Medina stated, “I actually thought we could’ve won the key game, but we haven’t won in what 3 years?”  Despite our past record, Sultans were hopeful.  

The game started at 7:00 with the presentation of the colors as usual by the AFJROTC unit here at Sultana. Which followed by a kickoff from the Sultans to start the first quarter.  

Ten minutes into the first quarter, Hesperia hopped on the scoreboard by running a 50-yard touchdown. Then, the Sultans came back and scored a 40-yard touchdown.  

The second quarter was not the best for the Sultans as they scored a touchdown but missed a field goal. While Hesperia scored a touchdown and made their field goal. At the end of the first half of the game the score was 14-13 with the Scorpions taking the lead.

The Scorpions kicked off to start the third quarter for the game. It was a good quarter for the Sultans as they scored a touchdown but they still missed the field goal and some flags were thrown against the Sultans. 

The fourth quarter was one of the best plays for the Sultans as they scored a touchdown and made their field goal. There was a brief timeout because A.S.B and the Zoo Crew accidentally let off the smoke bombs meant for the end of the game. 

When the game continued, the defense was able to keep up with the Scorpion’s offense until the last minutes of the game where The Scorpios got a touchdown and the field goal making the final score 27-28 with the Scorpions winning the game. 

Everyone had high expectations for the Sultans to win. We were ready to take back the key.  But as it turns out, our winning streak didn’t guarantee us the key.  

Junior Isaiah Zuniga said, “I feel like there were a few little things I could have done to have an even better game.” 

Despite this upset, the Sultans will continue to do there best.  Isaiah said, “I expect our team to go out there and play hard every single snap.” 

Remember Sultans, play every game at 110 percent.  We will get them next time.