Genshin Impact: Sudden Sea of Popularity


Tiffany Farias

New games get published every month but not all of them are successful. Genshin Impact is one of the success stories. This game has something for everyone whether it is puzzles/exploration, getting new skins for your characters, or wind gliders. There are regions to explore, many characters to customize, beautiful graphics to see, materials to collect, and dishes to cook.

On September 28th, 2021 it will be a full year of Genshins non-stop popularity. There have been a bunch of huge updates every single month which keep the players grinding for materials to make their characters stronger. 

Genshin Impact has a gacha system where you can roll to get new characters, when you roll it is called wishing. Every month there is a new five star character that you can get but be careful because you might lose the 50/50. 10th grader Kailey Murphy stated, “I’ve lost the 50/50 twice so far while playing. Instead of the five star character Klee I got a five star weapon, I was so upset”.

The 50/50 for Genshin five stars is that you can either get the five star character that the banner is actually for, or you can lose and get a different five star character that you might not even want. To even pull for characters you need 160 Primogems (in game free currency) to make one single pull.

These gacha tactics keep players grinding everyday to get primogems from chests, domains, daily commissions, story quests, and events that appear in your event tab which are always there. 

You can also spend your real money on the game to automatically get the gems but you don’t have to. Sophomore of Sultana, Zho Ramirez, says “I have personally spent my money on the game because I really wanted the character Childe. When his banner was up, I won the 50/50”. 

Recently there was a giant update to Genshin where they added an entire new region to the map called Inazuma. Along with the new region to explore, there are new characters you can get that come from Inazuma. The Inazuma characters who are currently available are Ayaka who is a five star, Yoimiya who is a five star, and Sayu who is a four star. 

I know many people really enjoy the beautiful graphics in Genshin along with the entire map being open for you to explore it in any way you please. Mihoyo (Genshin production company) took big inspiration from the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild game that came out in 2017. That was the first open world Zelda game ever and everyone loved it. You could fight, explore, cook, and build however you wished without being told what you can and can’t do yet in the story.

On top of all of these characters, they recently had an event that was beach themed. When completing one of the event activities you could get a new outfit for an original four star character named Barbara. 

Barbara is a hydro catalyst user meaning she attacks water damage. Her canonical sister, Master Jean the headmaster of Mondstadt (both a city and region in the game) also got a beach skin but to get hers you had to spend real money since she is a five star anemo character, meaning she deals wind damage.

Genshin advertisements have been all over youtube recently. There was a banner for original character Klee and her advertisement showed her pyro damage (fire damage) and her cute personality. Klee is a child of Mondstadt who loves explosions and uses homemade bombs to fight in battle. She has a bubbly personality and has her plushie on her backpack named Dodoco who is her best friend.

Overall, Genshin is a fantastic game that deserves all the love it has been getting over the past year. It is available on your Mobile phone, Ps4, and PC, I recommend giving it a try, you won’t be disappointed!