Back on The Green: Golf Season Begins

Tyler Gorsuch

Golfers have waited patiently to get back out on the green. Luckily, the Sultana Golf team started practice in January. Golf season is here and the intense matchups on the grass are happening.

Initially, tryouts and practices were delayed a week due to poor weather conditions at the start of the semester. The field was iced over because of the weather. However, when the golfers got out to the greens they went to war with their consistency, aim, and steadiness for this season.

Bradley East, a junior on  the golf team says “that they have a lot of potential this season” Hopes are high with Sultana golfers who have CIF on the top of their checklist.

Pre-season for golfers is no joke. Whalen Zummwalt, a senior on the team, says “Pre-season is the most challenging time of the year because you have to find your weaknesses to improve your game.”  It’s a rigorous process trying to evaluate yourself and your craft. A typical practice will start at the driving range for a warm up then they go down to the greens. 

Practices will usually go from 3:30 to dark; every second counts when you are asked to perform to the caliber required to win CIF’s. It takes maximum concentration to perform your best on every stroke. 

East says “If you eat right, you will have a clear set of mind which is imperative on the golf course.” Every stroke in golf is important. It can come down to the wire and if you are not focused on every stroke it could be costly.

The golf course is open whenever the sun is out. Brandon Bunting, a senior on the golf team goes by the motto, “ Suns out putts out.” Bunting is always at practice and is determined to break the norm for golfers at Sultana. 

Year in and year out, golfers spend so much time on the sport they love. With all their hard work, the team is  going to be a unit on the courses this year.