The Rise of Terry Cleveland


Jacynda Klunk, Staff Writer

As quoted in the Daily Press, “It’s crazy that they gave the custodian the chance,” said Terry Cleveland, Sultana’s new head football coach. Replacing Joseph Scherf, a teacher at Sultana High School. 

Cleveland spent much of his time at Sultana as the running backs coach but was given the opportunity as head coach this 2022-23 season. Sultans said goodbye to the 21-22 season with a 4-6 record, however, the future is looking bright this new season. 

Sultana High School Sultans started off their season strong against the Barstow Aztecs with a final score of 42-28. Last Thursday, Sultana took the victory, once again, against Kaiser Cats, with a final score of 29-27. 

Coach Julian Hunt is excited about this new season and when asked what he believes Coach Cleveland can bring to the Sultana High School football team, he responds with, “Wins.” As well as Hunt appreciating the recent outcomes, when asked about Cleveland’s coaching style he responds, “Best coaching style I have been a part of.” Hunt would describe Cleveland to be “…honest and hardworking.”

“He is so in touch with the kids. He doesn’t just make it about winning the football game, he makes it about the kids.” Mateo Galvez said about Coach Cleveland. Galvez is not the only football player to appreciate Cleveland’s passion and dedication. Albert Rodriguez said, “Coach can relate something to every single player personally… like… he’s been there.” Elijah Crook continued on that topic and stated, “Most of his style is stuff our parents want to teach us, especially off the field too. Like, we want to be good role models.” 

Cleveland has already started the impact he is leaving on the players, clearly, his hard work is paying off. Cleveland stated when asked about the new coaching staff, “They are dedicated to the kids. With Jacob’s [Higgs] father being there, he’s coached these kids since they were young. He’s made these relationships.” Cleveland’s strategies are proving effective. Sultana’s football players have been making real connections with each other this entire season.

Overall, Cleveland has brought great new skills to Sultana’s football program and has clearly been very effective. After multiple “W’s”, Sultana students are excited for the future.