Amazon’s Entry Into the Prescription Drug Market


Elijah Perkins

On November 17 Amazon launched its new service, Amazon Pharmacy. Amazon, being the world leading online retailer was bound to eventually dip its toes into the world of prescription drugs. Amazon’s new service allows customers to tell their doctor to send their prescription to Amazon Pharmacy, and two days later there’s your drugs. 

“I guess Amazon was bound to sell prescription drugs, since they sell everything else, it was only a matter of time.” Says student Lino Toral.

Amazon Pharmacy is able to sell prescription drugs because back in 2018 they bought a prescription drug company called PillPack. This acquisition allowed them knowledge and skill in the market. Amazon is able to offer discounts to prime customers because they are working with a company called Inside Rx which has connections to over 50,000 pharmacies. 

Amazon Pharmacy is giving Amazon Prime members a permanent 80% off of drug purchases, even without insurance. Given all that, I’d say Amazon Pharmacy is pretty great. But not everyone agrees. Sultana student Madelyn Embrey says “I don’t know how I feel about prescription drugs being shipped, it seems like it could be easy to tamper with.”

With the world as it is now, some people don’t want to leave their homes to go to the pharmacy. For some older people, making the trip to the pharmacy is a huge undertaking.

 “I think it’s a good service to have while a pandemic is going on” says Sultana student Ambrose Mendoza. 

Amazon Pharmacy is providing a service that allows people to effortlessly get their prescription and save money, what’s not to like?