A Simple and Productive Morning Routine


Let me ask you something, what does a productive morning look like to you? Yes, we all might have different definitions of what it looks like to have a productive morning, but one thing that we can all agree on is that being productive means not staying in bed all day. Am I right? Or left? Anyways, besides my terrible joke, let us have some fun and talk about ways that one can have a rich morning.  

Now, let’s get a little background behind this ideology. A biology professor named Christoph Randler, articulates that morning people are the most proactive people. Some of us have heard “be proactive” and we say “yeah, sure, whatever…” but have you considered why this is important? Proactiveness gives everyone the ability to be in control of their lives. 

What does being proactive have to do with having a productive morning? Proactive people are those who are driven to achieve beyond what is put in front of them. They have the talent to commit themselves to be outstanding; however, it takes a motivated mindset to make that happen.

 In other words, having a take-charge mindset is the first step in helping you have productive mornings and days. A vigorous mindset is one that can take control of a situation and prepare for situations in advance.

I know you are eager to learn more about what you can do; preparing the night before both mentally and physically. So what does that look like? Mornings can be chaotic and preparing some of the things you will need the next day at night can reduce the stress of starting off with an upside down day. One more thing, try to have a good night’s sleep so you wake up with a great mood.

An agenda, whether that be a physical or digital one, is a great way to organize what you need to get done. Get your agenda and write down important tasks that you need to complete which I am sure includes your school work and perhaps chores.

 As you get those tasks done, make sure you highlight the ones you have completed. 

Highlighting what you have completed will give you a sort of satisfaction that will make you feel good about yourself. 

Treat yourself with a yummy protein-rich breakfast. Believe it or not, it is true when parents say breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it is scientifically proven according to the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science. “Having a nutritious breakfast gives me a boost of energy” articulated Karina Avila, a sophomore at Sultana High School. 

Having a protein-rich breakfast boosts your energy for the reason that it gives you essential nutrients. A delicious breakfast that is full of protein is an avocado toast which consists of six ingredients: bread, honey mustard, avocado, American cheese, an over-easy egg and a tomato.

Some of us have decided to stay in distance learning which means that the most easy daily routine is to sleep, eat, and attend classes. Now, having a protein-rich breakfast does not sound like a big deal. This is where it gets tricky because now you have to step up your game a little. I invite you to add exercises to your morning routine. Note: make sure you wait an hour after you have eaten to workout. 

If motivation is something you lack, tell your friends to join you and help each other get through the workouts. “I usually get a lot of stuff going through my head but after working out, I feel less stressed and mentally relaxed. It helps me focus on important things such as work or school. As for physically, I feel more loose and a little bit more flexible and if any part of my body feels tense, then working out usually helps it,” states Moises Navarro, a junior attending Sultana High. 

You might be wondering, what kind of workouts can I do that are not time consuming? Start off your workout with some cardio. 

Cardio consists of a variety of exercises; for example, running, jumping rope, high intensity interval training (HIIT), completing burpees, and more. A great way to find cardio routines would most likely be from YouTube because they are free, isn’t that awesome? 

There are many different types of exercises besides cardio which are: weight training, flexibility training, yoga, pilates…your choice! Try to do at least 25-30 minutes of exercise a day; however, please consult your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions. 

I am sure you might be thinking about how hard this morning routine sounds for the reason that I brought up: exercising. That is totally okay, trying is always better than not trying at all.

Go for a short walk, tryout laid back yoga videos, exercising doesn’t have to be something too complicated. Most of us have the ability to wake up, eat, exercise, and write, so why not do it if others can? You got this! 

Having a productive morning will be beneficial because you will get more tasks done. Completing more tasks also means that you will need self-discipline but for what it is worth, you will be having better days.