Your Guide to Registering Prescribed Medication on Campus

Your Guide to Registering Prescribed Medication on Campus

Jailyn Deering, Staff Writer

At Sultana High School, if you have medication needed during the school day, you must register each one with the health office. Parents have the ability to register their students for most medications. If parents register their child’s prescribed medication, it allows the student access and prevents the student from carrying their medication around all day. Carrying medications that you do not have permission to carry on campus can result in you getting possibly searched and disciplined. 

When it comes to asthmatic students, Sultana High School’s school nurse, Kira Hille said, “If students have proper medication orders for the school year that they are allowed to use their inhaler and keep it on them, they can utilize their inhaler”. This is beneficial to asthmatic students because it allows for emergencies to be dealt with immediately, rather than taking the time to walk to the health office, endangering themselves. 

Be sure to let your teacher know when you need your medication in order to receive a hall pass, as hall passes are required in order to be able to go to the nurse’s office.

When asking students how they feel about having to register medications, Mary Matti, a senior at Sultana High School stated, “I feel like the school should be informed that they have the medications, but the student should be able to have the free will to take it when they want.” 

Serenity Heck, another senior had a similar answer, “No, students shouldn’t have to register their medications as long as the school knows because if they have mental health issues or medical disabilities they should be able to take their medication when needed, especially in a medical emergency.” 

A series of educational codes in California State Law dictates schools monitor and administer prescribed medication drug use.

Although students may have different views on the registration of medications, be sure to register your medications in the health office. This way the students who need them can get the care they need, safely.