The Flu Vaccine: The Influence this Winter


Nathan Bonello

Getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever in the winter of 2020-2021. Winter is approaching fast and COVID-19 outbreaks are only getting worse especially in areas that do not have the virus under control. The flu vaccine during a pandemic is important because it will help flatten the spike in corona cases in winter. 

Days are getting colder, and we are more susceptible to sickness. This sickness includes the common cold and/or flu. This can weaken our immune system to the point where it would make us more susceptible to COVID-19.

In  Why COVID Outbreaks Look Set to Worsen This Winter by Smriti Mallapaty she states, Infections caused by many respiratory viruses, including influenza and some coronaviruses, swell in winter”  Mallapaty is implying that when it gets colder germs and viruses spread faster. People will get sick not only from the flu but also from the coronavirus since their immune system is weakened.

David Relman a microbiologist from Stanford University in California stated, “We are looking at some pretty sobering and difficult months ahead.” Relman expressed his grief for the future months because viruses thrive in cold weather. On top of the rising cases of COVID-19, this would drastically increase the dangers of coronavirus, especially in large gatherings and public areas. 

Angelica Ornelas, a senior from Sultana Highschool, said “ My father and I got the flu vaccine. We wanted to stay safe during winter.” Vaccines help to strengthen our immune system by first exposing the body to a weakened flu virus. And since Ornelas and her father got a vaccine, both she and her father took part in protecting themselves and others.

Cases of COVID-19 are skyrocketing and a flu vaccine can protect us, and our family members, from contracting this virus. If you have not gotten your flu vaccine, CDC recommends getting vaccinated now