Ruth Bader Ginsberg: The Woman Who Cared

Makayla Meijer

Ruth Bader Ginsberg was the second female justice to serve on the Supreme Court. She served for 27 years and fought for women’s rights. For many, she was considered an important female icon in politics. 

 Joan Ruth Bader Ginsberg was born March 15, 1933. She graduated from college in 1954 from Cornell University, highest in her class. This is where she met her husband, Martin Ginsberg. She later on graduated from Harvard Law with her husband. Despite her academic accomplishments, she faced gender discrimination while searching for a job. 

In 1993, President Bill Clinton appointed Ginsberg as Supreme Court Justice. While in the Supreme Court, her voice favored gender equality and women’s rights. 

Ginsberg worked her entire life to fight off gender stereotypes and female discrimination. She made sure that women were not left out of any event. She stated, “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.”

Sarah Chatten said, “I liked how she was an activist for women, and she was a strong female. I also like how she believed in LGBTQ+ rights.” 

Ginsberg never discriminated against anyone, no matter who they were: “I try to teach through my opinions, through my speeches, how wrong it is to judge people on the basis of what they look like, color of their skin, whether they’re men or women.” She loved people of all races and gender, and continued to fight for all of them. 

Sonny Bounds stated, “I never knew much about her, but she seems like a really good person.” 

On September 18th, 2020, Ruth passed away at 87, due to cancer. Ginsberg had metastatic pancreatic cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy earlier this year. 

The world lost an amazing woman who fought so hard for others. Ruth Bader Ginsberg and all of her successes will be remembered.