Jam Session During Your Study Session: The Benefits of Music


Sierra Garrett

“Keep listening to music, it gets you through everything. I promise.” stated Mitch Lucker, an American vocalist. Music can boost somebody’s mood or even get their mind off of a stressful situation. 

A group at Florida National University, The Marketing Team stated “Music is an effective stress reliever in both healthy individuals and people with health problems.”  During times of crisis, such as the pandemic we are currently facing, managing stress is more important than ever.  

Stress runs extremely high for students and can cause grades to go downhill or even for students to drop out of school. Since music is a great stress reliever students should be using it as a tool more often. 

When taking notes, it’s always a good idea to pull out some headphones and enjoy some music. Seth Garrett, a junior at Sultana Highschool, stated, “I always see myself putting more effort into my work when I have headphones in.”

Research shows that listening to soothing music can decrease blood pressure and heart rates. Timothy Byron, a lecturer at Wollongong university stated “Music puts us in a better mood, being in a better mood likely means that we try a little bit harder and are willing to stick with challenging tasks.” Being in a better mood makes it easier to focus.  

Music that you personally enjoy isn’t always a good idea to use while studying, some music can be distracting.  If you’re rocking out to some heavy metal it’s likely you’re not going to be too focused on your work. 

Volume and type of music can affect your focusing abilities. Keeping the music lower and playing songs you enjoy and are more relaxed would be better. For example, soft beats or even looking up “studying music” can give you some pretty good options.

Everyone learns differently, so throw on some music and see if it results in better grades; either way, you will be more relaxed.