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Rejection or Affection

Sultana High School Student’s Opinion On Promposals
Rejection or Affection

With homecoming season here, promposals have become a controversial topic. Many high schoolers think promposals are cute and a special way to show someone you care, while others claim it puts pressure on the person being asked, forcing them to say yes. 

Many people make a cute sign or put a special gift together to ask the person they are interested in to go to the dance. The majority of people say it is a remarkable way to make a special memory. 

According to the Washington Post, “the average prom-goer spends $324 on a promposal”. It also states how many promposals are “for the gram” and many do it for the public glory. 

Niko Torres, a junior at Sultana High School stated, “If you do your promposal in public it is more for attention, but I feel that if you do it in private it makes it more special and meaningful”. 

Although, Hailey Carreon a junior said, “It definitely puts pressure on some people, but at the end of the day it’s your decision and you can say no if you want to”.

You would not prom-pose without knowing the answer, so many argue promposals are expected if the two individuals are already dating. Torres also states, “Promposals are to make memories and to look back on to tell your kids about when you’re older”. 

Promposals have evolved over the years, Daniel Burroughs a teacher said, “They have definitely got more creative! I’ve seen some really cool ones over the years”.

Overall, promposals are still a debate, whether they are cute or if it forces someone to say yes. Promposals oftentimes occur with established couples, but it is still a special way to show someone you care and create special memories you can cherish forever. 

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