Sultana Writes: Creative Writing Comes to Sultana

Dayanne Corado

 So many Sultana students enjoy writing and have creative ideas to share with the world, and all these writers want is to inspire others with their love of stories.  

Well, This year at Sultana high, we have a Creative Writing Class, so now you can schedule in time to write! 

In this course, Mrs. Olivas will teach you about writing, poetry, mythology and more, although it is only open to Sophomores, Juniors, and seniors. Sorry freshman!

This class is an elective class, which means it actually counts as an English A to G elective in case you need that. 

The Creative Writing class allows you to use your imagination and creativity to create stories, poems and more. This kind of writing goes beyond the usual assignments  that you do in school. Instead, it helps you portray a message or allows you to write a story of your own kind.  

Mrs. Olivas wanted to teach this kind of class for a reason, saying “I wanted to allow the students an outlet for their creativity as well as help students develop their creative writing skills.” She also stated that, “The hardest challenge that the class faced is readjusting in person.” 

The class has learned so much about writing over the last few months that we’ve been in school. Student Jocelyn said “ So far the project I enjoyed most is the one about gods.”  She also said that “I’m looking forward to getting better at writing!”

The kids from Creative Writing look forward to this class, aiming to become better writers in the future. Even though this class is small, it comes with its own trials and difficulties that will surely challenge the passionate writers here at Sultana!