Mystery Box Merchandise


Phot by Emma Gregg

Aurora Bodkin holds up her loot

Justin Romero

Mrs. Olivias’ junior English class often sends letters to colleges around the country in order to get goodies. Usually, they receive small and common items like flags and banners, but recently, they received something more.

They got a mystery box! What’s in the box, you might ask? The entire class each received shirts and other college related merchandise. This is the first time anyone at this school has seen something like this, and it’s definitely a very unexpected, but welcome surprise.

Mrs. Olivas was ecstatic, “I love seeing the students’ faces when they open their envelopes and packages from their chosen college, trade school, or branch of the military.  It helps the students realize their post-high school ambitions are attainable.”

This truly shows the importance of reaching out and persistence. Always look for opportunities to communicate, because you never know what rewards are within your reach.