Sultana’s Popping Murals

Amerie Fortune

The advanced art class, run by teacher Mrs. Rojas, is ready to grab the school’s attention. They graced the Magic Carpet Preschool with multiple murals showcasing their talents.  

If you haven’t seen any art murals before, there are some very beautiful works of art around the Sultana campus, like the ones located by the band room that were created by previous advanced art students. 

Ms. Rojas, the advanced art teacher, is very excited about the newest murals. The newest mural assignment came with a twist, a client.  Ms. Rojas states, “From my experience before teaching, it’s about learning. The clients can express what they don’t and do like about art.” Ms. Rojas clarified that “unlike a normal assignment, you are meeting the needs of a client.” This is also a huge assignment for the students as well. 

When having clientele, the work can be more rewarding but it can be stressful as well. Ms. Rojas explained, “The moment you add a client into the art process you have to meet with the client’s standards. Also, you have to create someone’s ideas.” But apart from that, it can also be relaxing, “In a way, it’s kind of relieving because you  no longer have to make the decisions, the clients usually tell.” It is easier to say let’s do a mural than to finish.

A mural can take a very long time to complete. “It has taken us 3-4 weeks. A week to introduce the project. A week for the client. Maybe even two weeks to get the murals painted,” stated Rojas. The students started painting on August 31 and finished towards the end of September. 

So what do these murals mean?  “More than anything, the mural symbolizes childhood and fun,” stated Ms. Rojas. She also stated that “the reason why we decided to make the murals is to serve the community with their art. Artists usually work with clients or communities.” 

Junior Molly Henrich had her own explanation, “I feel that murals are good. Each mural is unique in its own way.”

Overall, Ms. Rojas felt that “working with the daycare was fun. The students were able to be with children.” 

Whether you have thought about it before or not, art serves a community. It serves our community as a message saying that we should just be kids while we can.  Shout out to the advanced art team for this reminder!