The Comeback Season


Photo by yearbook

Defensive end, Andre Ruiz, works against the offensive line.

Nadia Carrera

Football is very important here at Sultana High school.  It is especially significant for the students who play.  While our team takes football seriously, they also really enjoy playing.

Freshman football player Anselmo Ojinaga states that “Football isn’t hard because once you start playing and start having more experience it is easy and fun.” 

Our team definitely had fun on the field last Friday night.  On August 27th, our varsity team won the first game of the season against Barstow. The final score was 31-6. 

Michael Bellows, junior football player on the varsity team said, “the game was really good.  There was a lot of teamwork and strength in the team.” That strength was evident across the board. 

Jacob Higgs, a freshman quarterback on the varsity team, threw a 50 yard touchdown pass that made the crowd go wild.  Our defense was another highlight of the night as they held the line and kept Barstow from scoring, accounting for the 25 point lead.  Varsity player Joseph Martinez states, “our defense was impregnable.”  

Robert Presley, junior, says “during the game I felt this excited feeling and amazing wonder that, wow I’m actually playing.”

We are all proud of the varsity team here at Sultana and wish them just as much luck with their second game today. This is shaping up to be our comeback season.