After a Year of Distance Learning, What is the Takeaway?


Alexis Contreras

Even though we are now in hybrid, we have learned a lot from our experience with distance learning.  Not only have we learned academically, but we have also grown as people.  Through distance learning, not only have we learned how difficult individual learning is, we also learned more about ourselves. 

As students, we have become far more independent after learning that we wouldn’t have access to in-person instruction, which often makes learning easier. Julio Porras a senior this year said “The thing I miss the most and had to learn how to adapt without was group learning. It was easier to understand when your peers were all sharing thoughts and figuring it out together.” 

There were many things we learned during distance learning revolving around how to adapt to new changes. We also used this time to figure out more about ourselves. Pushing ourselves to new levels of thinking, discovering how much more we are capable of.

Isaak Leon, a senior at Sultana High School stated, “distance learning showed me what I could actually do if I put the work in. Unfortunately it also showed me how bad some of my habits are.” Distance learning, if looked at the right way, could be said to have helped many of us students get our priorities straight.

With all of these positives, we also learned negative truths about ourselves. This included finding out how much many of us rely on others or realizing it is hard to complete work without being forced to. The biggest thing many of us learned is how easy it is to become a procrastinator if given too much leeway. 

With the end of the school year coming so soon, we can only hope we have learned to adapt to unforeseen changes due to what we have experienced this year.  This is a skill that will serve us all throughout our lifetimes.  

The past year has been nothing more than a learning experience. Hopefully, we will be able to use the lessons we gathered throughout the year to excel in our classes.