Toxic: Election Aftermath


Alexis Contreras

The presidential election was nothing less than unpleasant. Although the election has come to an end we are still dealing with the aftermath. 

When describing the aftermath of the election with one word many would agree with the word toxic but that was to be expected. 

With the events that took place before the election, it was easy to assume that the after election would be just as hectic. These post-election events included rallies, social media fights over differences in opinions, and elementary school kids being bullied for their parents’ political views. 

There was doubt and debate about how the election ended which led to the recounting of votes.  Some were mad about the president’s behavior although others disagreed and gathered to recount the votes. 

This election also made its way online in which many were sharing their beliefs and opinions in a hostile way. There was lots of mudslinging among the internet which was going as far as kids being bullied for their parent’s political views. 

A story dropped on the news which can be found on KBTX-TV about a particular family whose child was bullied because of the election. The kids were in elementary school fighting about political views which didn’t make much sense considering children play no role in the election outcome.  Such petty fighting goes to show how out of hand this election got. 

Julio Porras a senior at Sultana stated “It’s ultimately dumb how politics are interfering with these young children and it’s a sickening thing to think about how these children are being treated differently.” 

Alexia Toruno, a former Sultan who voted for the first time in this year’s election, described the election as “awful and eye opening on what people are really capable of.  This year’s election really showed a different side to people which I was unready for.”

As the days go by, more people are starting to come to terms with the outcome of this year’s presidential election. This past month was hectic, but hopefully we can put differences aside and remember that we are one nation.