Lighting Up November

Annabelle Lyon

Christmas in November has long been a topic of controversy. Some people say it’s absurd to start celebrating it before Thanksgiving, while others would argue that Christmas is more important anyway. 

Many people claim that because Thanksgiving is a so called “one day holiday,” it holds less importance than Christmas. Therefore, having a longer celebration season for Christmas takes priority over Thanksgiving.

Christmas is already an entire season! It’s an entire season full of events like putting up decorations, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot cocoa with some sweets on the side, etc. Senior Lino Toral says, “ One of my favorite things about Christmas time is that I can watch all the movies with my family.”

Thanksgiving, unlike Christmas, does not have many things to do outside of the actual day. Most people don’t put up decorations for the holiday. Sophomore Aubrey Weiford says, “ My family never puts up decorations for Thanksgiving, but for Christmas, we never miss a year.”  

The bottom line is, most people like Christmas more than Thanksgiving. There’s really no other reason behind celebrating Christmas in November and extending the Christmas season.  It doesn’t go much deeper than the fact that people just really enjoy Christmas.

Celebrating in November allows people to have the longer “seasonal joy.” People tend to hold on to the things that make them happy.  After all, what’s more joyful than Christmas? So, if you haven’t already, during our break this week get out your Christmas trees, put up the lights and have a happy holiday!