Evermore Surprises for Taylor Swift Fans


Jacynda Klunk

On December 11th 2020, Swift dropped a ¨sister album¨ to her recent album Folklore. Since Evermore has been released it has gotten about 220 million streams and was ranked at number one on the Billboard Hot 200 for a few weeks.

“Willow” was definitely a fan favorite, reaching No.one in the charts, many supporters loved “No Body No Crime,” and “Long Story Short.” Many of these songs have an indie rock or a calm pop vibe. And of course, much of her fan favorites are about her experiences with guys and breakups. 

Lauren Johns, music critic, explained Evermore as “The perfect album to stream on a snowy evening in front of the fire, fuzzy socks and all.” 

As a Swift fan, her music genre has definitely grown to give off this winter vibe, especially with Evermore.

Brooklyn Mendosa, a sophomore at Sultana High, is a Swiftie who thinks that the new album is “ good, but I like old Taylor Swift so much better.” This is very usual for Swift fans. A lot of her old music was directed towards teenagers, because of her personal experiences. As she has begun to mature, her music has too. 

Some of the most popular songs in Evermore include “Willow,” “Champagne Problems,” “Gold Rush,” and my personal favorite “Right Where You Left Me.”  Fans have fallen in love with this lyrical genius and the heartfelt songs she created in isolation. 

Swift posted on Instagram an announcement explaining she released this album near her 31st birthday, because 13 is her favorite number and 31 is her favorite number backwards. Swift also gave out her thanks for all her fans being so generous on her birthday, stating that she wanted to give back. 

Swift also wanted to surprise her fans with this album because these holidays are lonely, and some may want to cope with missing their loved ones with music. 

Freshman Joseph Martinez was very vocal about his feelings. He explained, “It was terrible. I am not a fan of her new album.” In all honesty, I feel Taylor’s new album didn’t attract the interest from her usual age range of fans. 

However, Freshman Anabella Spillsbury was in love with Swift’s new album. Bella expressed, ¨I honestly think that Taylor put a lot of effort into this album and used her creativity to step into a new genre. I love this album. I think it represents a lot of her strength and empowerment.¨ I definitely agree with Bella. I believe that this album has done a lot of good and has definitely shown a different side of Taylor. 

Evermore has got to be one of the most loved and popular albums that has come out during this pandemic. Swift has definitely outdone herself.