Senior Guide


Oscar Ramirez Calderon, Staff Writer

The most important year for students will most likely be their senior year, their last year before they enter the scary adult world. Senior year is filled with lots of emotions like being excited and nervous for the future to come. 

Senior year is one of the most important years because a lot of students are determined to go to college. Except many do not know how to get there, what to do after high school, what colleges to apply to, or what to major in. 

Except not every senior is not going to a four year college right after high school. Our senior counselor of Sultana High School, Mrs. Hallett states, “If you know what you really want to do, go for it! If you’re undecided, I encourage students to at least attend a community college. The first year of community college is typically free, and you also can work while attending.” Community colleges like Victory Valley College have a lot of careers and programs that can help you decide what career you can pursue. Mrs. Hallett also states “Joining the military can be a good option since it comes with so many benefits. You get to travel, and gain exposure to a lot of different people, places, and careers.”

Seniors really need to develop a plan for their last year. Mrs. Hallett stated, “I think it is important to try to have a plan for your future. If you know your plan, you can figure out how to get there; whether that’s looking for financial aid or scholarships to help pay for college, or taking advantage of the ELP (Experiential Learning Program) Program to gain real-world job experience.” 

Applying for scholarships and financial aid is very important especially during your last year. Mrs. Hallett states, “The FAFSA needs to be completed as soon as possible. It opened on October 1st. Students can also apply for scholarships throughout the year.” The Google Classroom of 2023 has a lot of scholarship websites and other help resources, so keep an eye out for that! 

If possible try to visit college campuses, California States and California State Universities (CSU) have an open house as a tour, they have self guided tours, they have this in most colleges. When applying to colleges, always apply to your dream college, but also be realistic and apply for colleges you know you will get into. Applying for at least 5-8 colleges is a good, apply for fee waivers. Try to narrow your college selecting so you save. 

“Ask yourself if you want to be in a small or large college; rural or urban; close to home or not; do they have the programs you want. These are all things you should ask yourself when deciding what college you want to attend.” Mrs. Hallett advises. 

Senior year is for a lot of students their most important year. Mrs. Hallett asserts that; “In a lot of ways, senior year is the most important year! It’s your last chance to enjoy all the fun things… athletic events, dances, lunch activities, pep rallies… a lot of this stuff doesn’t happen out in the ‘real world’. It’s your last chance to be a kid, to not have adult responsibilities.” 

Mrs. Hallett also states, “Senior year can be a conflicting year because students are getting ready to be an adult and ‘grow up’, but also it’s your last year to ‘be a kid’. Everyone should take advantage of everything high school has to offer. Senior year comes with a lot of emotions.”

Senior year also is the most expensive year because of graduation night, cap and gowns, proms/dances. Make sure to save up money! 

Mrs. Hallett thinks the best way to make senior year most memorable is by encouraging the seniors to go to the events and activities, to support your friends in those activities, whether that is sports, music, and drama. 

Seniors should really try to pay attention to what is going on, there will be updates on classroom so you do not miss anything. Also email Mrs. Hallett if you ever have questions or in need for advice. Get ready for one of your most memorable years!