Student Spotlight: Ramces Duarte

Lily Rodriguez

Ramces Duarte has enjoyed  his four years at Sultana, but that time is coming to an end. Luckily, Ramces didn’t waste a second of his time here.  

Ramces joined the tennis team and played for two years.  The sport has become a fixture in his life as he plans on continuing the sport after graduation, “just for fun, nothing too serious” Ramces states.  

ASB has also added to Ramces time along the way by teaching him great communication skills and how to work productively with others. You might have heard Ramces giving the school announcements at the end of fourth period.  His positivity and likeability were clear even through the loud speaker.  Thanks to ASB, Ramces plans on taking on more leadership roles in the future.

Ofcourse, what is highschool without good friends?  Ramces spent countless hours with his friends. It was the people he surrounded himself with that really made Sultana worthwhile.   

Ramces recounts one of the most memorable moments he had with some of his friends from school, he spent one late night at Scandia and “got food and played games for awhile.”

The pandemic affected tons of students everywhere.  For Ramces, quarantine affected his work habits. He expressed, “Before the pandemic, I was always on top of things.  But after, I got lazier because of staying home all day.”  I am sure many Sultana students can relate.  Luckily, Ramces got back on track.  

After graduation,  Ramces plans on going to UCSC to study film production and screenwriting.  Further down the road, Ramces hopes to get an internship with the film production company A24.

While most are nervous to graduate, Ramces is more excited than anything.  He states, “I just want to leave already honestly.”  Ramces is ready to step into his future, but he has one last piece of advice first.   

Ramces states, “Grades are important, but do extracurricular activities because they give you the best experiences and you make friends along the way.” Thank you Ramces!  We can all learn from your experience and eagerly await to see what is in store for you.