Student Spotlight: Raila Gaines

Annabelle Lyon

When saying goodbye to Sultana, senior ASB president Raila Gaines is also saying goodbye to her ASB experience. 

Raila states, “I’m going to miss my Sultana ASB family, especially the staff, the most once high school is all over. Even though ASB has caused me to shed so much blood, sweat and tears, there is nothing like being able to be a part of student leadership.” Despite the hardship that comes with goodbyes, Raila knows that there will be more opportunities for her in the future because of the experience she gained in ASB.  

Raila always found student leadership very inspiring and was drawn to it, “I wanted to do ASB because I’m in love with the feeling of creating events and activities that bring smiles to peoples faces.”  Raila has given a lot to Sultana since she has been here. 

Looking back at all her years in ASB, she is able to look at it with a positive attitude. She has made many memories and friends that she’ll cherish forever. 

Raila states, “my favorite memory of high school was being able to do the entire experience of hosting and going to Sultana’s first ever spring fling this year!”  After the pandemic, the return of school dances were more exciting than ever.  Students like Raila helped ensure that Sultans enjoyed themselves through the hard work of planning, decorating, and hosting. 

In addition to the close relationships she has built with her ASB classmates, Raila has also created bonds with teachers that are very important to her. Raila states, “Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Morrow have been my biggest supporters at Sultana.” It is clear that Raila appreciates all the people that stood by her throughout her four years in high school and she will remember them going forward.

Although Raila will miss Sultana very much, she has big plans for her future. “I will be attending Seton Hall University in New Jersey as a criminal Justice or forensics major in order to eventually become a criminal analyst for the FBI.”  As impressive as these goals are, they are just the starting point for Raila.

Raila explains,  “my end goal is to end life as a politician so that I can make long lasting changes in our world for things I feel could use improvement.” Raila’s love for making a change stays constant in her life. 

Even though her tenure as ASB president was a great achievement, it seems as though Raila Gaines is still shooting for the horizons. Good luck on your journey Raila; you are definitely one of Sultana’s stars!