Annabelle’s Farwell: An Editor’s Goodbye

As I hear the bell ring for the last time here at Sultana the only thing I’ll truly hear is, “ Your time is up.”

As the gate closes for the last time, marking the closing of our time here, I’ll never forget the memories that I made. The people I met along the way will truly hold a special place in my heart and the lessons we learned that pulled us out of a time of  adolescence will be ones that I’ll  never forget.

I never knew how fast high school would fly by! I met some amazing people, had some great experiences that I’ll remember forever and if I were to give some advice it would be this: Appreciate every moment as it comes because one day you’ll look back and miss it. 

It was here where we all grew into people that our younger selves could be proud of. It is here where we formed some of the most important memories of our lives and it was here where we learned to appreciate those moments for what they were even if we will learn to let them go.

So as the bell rings, and the curtain falls I think we can all agree the most important applause that we can receive is the ones of our fellow classmates. We did it, and we did it together.